School Improvement

school improvement

Hilton Primary School Improvement Report and Plan gives details of the context of the school, details how we are doing in, what is working well for our learners, the evidence of this and what we could do now to improve.

Hilton Primary Standards and Quality Report 2018-19

On our improvement plan this year is –

Monitoring, Tracking and Assessment

  • Develop a tracking system for individuals, class and whole school in Literacy, numeracy and HWB.
  • Create an assessment policy with clear information of assessment at Hilton Primary
  • By doing this our aim is to increase attainment in Literacy and Numeracy as we track children’s progress more carefully
  • Parents/carers will have a better understanding of their child’s progress.


  • Develop Learning Journeys for all learners
  • Termly overviews of class learning to be shared with parents/carers
  • More involvement of parents/carers and learners in the profiling process
  • Children’s’ achievements tracked (in and out of school)

 Digital Literacy

  • Use digital technology responsibly to enhance responsibly to enhance their learning
  • Have an increased understanding if internet safety
  • Parents/carers will have an increased understanding of the importance of digital technology in their child’s learning

Pupil Participation 

  • learners will have more ownership and influence of what their learning looks like
  • learners involved in more meaningful self evaluation
  • learners more involved in every aspect of school life