E-Safety advice from Primary 7

Primary 7W have been loving using their new Chromebooks and are excited for the term ahead to explore and discover all the ways they can help their learning.

Primary 7W are Google Legends and are aware of the risks and dangers of the internet. They have created Powerpoints and posters to share their advice. Internet safety by Caitlyn CaldwellInternet safety by Caitlyn Caldwell (1)Internet safety by Caitlyn Caldwell (2)Internet safety by Caitlyn Caldwell (3)Internet safety by Caitlyn Caldwell (4)Internet safety by Caitlyn Caldwell (5)Internet safety mollyInternet safety molly (1)Internet safety molly (2)Internet safety molly (3)Internet safety molly (4)Internet safety molly (5)Internet safety molly (6)Internet safety molly (7)be internet alert- Jamie

Milton Football Update

This weekend Milton played in the Cairn Cup.

P2/P3 came 3rd.  P4/P5 came 3rd.  P6/P7 played their hearts out  did not get as far as the quarter finals.   All involved played brilliantly.

This weekend also saw the start of the Summer  League.  P6/P7 played Allstars  on Friday but sadly lost.

P4/P5 played against  Crown on Saturday  afternoon  straight  after the Cairn Cup and won. The boys were just outstanding showing pure determination even though  they had been playing since 9am.

Well done to you all!

Maths Team Stars



A huge well done to these superstars who took part in the Enterprising Maths Challenge in Dingwall Academy.  The team did very well and enjoyed the day meeting children from other schools, problem solving and playing challenging strategy games. Great achievement! Well done.

Live-N-Learn – Growth Mindset


A huge thanks to the parents/carers who came along yesterday evening for a workshop on Growth Mindset from the Live-N-Learn trainer. Jennifer.  Parents/carers learned about Growth Mindset, how to build resilience and to develop confidence.  Jennifer also delivered an assembly yesterday to the whole school and workshops continue today to be delivered over P3-7.

The feedback from children has been very positive –

Dylan, P3 – ‘ I learned to never give up and to keep trying.’

Aimee, P3 – ‘I learned that I have to keep trying and mistakes are okay.’

Emma, P3 – ‘ I learned that we have thousands of brain cells.¬† I learned that it’s okay if you make a mistake.’

For more information about Live-N_Learn and Growth Mindsets, please visit https://live-n-learn.co.uk/

You can also follow on Twitter @livenlearnuk


Summer Playground Activities

IMG_5247 (2)

It’s great to see everyone back at school yesterday.¬† The ‘Truck Stop’ was a busy place yesterday with children enjoying the sandpit and having lots of fun.

We have a variety of summer activities in the playground- these include the Truck Stop, playground running games, Creative Coop and dancing.



live n learn


A reminder that Live-N-Learn will be in school on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th April, delivering an assembly to P1-7 and workshops to P3-7.  Live-N-Learn have supported over 1000 school across the UK and Europe, providing an inspirational programme and resources to build confidence, develop resilience and cultivate growth mindsets.  Live-N-Learn focus on personal responsibility and how important  determination and hard work is.

A reminder too that there is a workshop for parents/carers on Wednesday 24th April at 6pm Р6.45pm in the school.  So far we only have a few parents/carers who have told us they wish to attend.  It would be great if you could spare the time to come along and find out more about the Live-N-Learn programme.