Sparkle Malawi Fundraiser



Fundraiser for Sparkle Malawi!!

Hilton Primary School

Gym hall

Saturday 30th March

11.30am -2.30pm

Face painting    Arts and crafts    Teddy tombola     Bric-a-brac

Books    Slime   Teas and coffees   Guess the teddies name

And more

Free Entry

Sparkle Malawi Foundation is a school in Malawi for underprivileged children of all ages.  Miss Lauren MacKenzie, an Early Years Practitioner at Hilton ELC, will be teaching in this school during the summer holidays as a volunteer.

The fundraiser on Saturday 30th March is a fundraiser for the foundation, which is a non-profit charity.

Thank you 🙂


Breakfast Boogie with Parents/Carers



A reminder that parents/carers are invited to join children for Breakfast Boogie 8.30am – 9am on Friday 29th March.

Last month we had a great turn out and hopefully even more parents/carers can join us on Friday.

Friday 5th April will be the last Breakfast Boogie until after October holidays (as this is a winter activity and summer activities will be starting after Easter).



Digital Citizenship E-Safety Policy

digital citizenship


Digital Citizenship E-Safety Policy

In a world full of digital technology, it it crucial that that everyone is aware of how to use such technology appropriately and safely.

We have been working on creating a Digital Citizenship E Safety Policy.  The policy has  also been added to our Digital Citizenship/E Safety page.

Please have a read over of this important policy.

Ms B