Adverse Weather Guidance

Please ensure your child’s emergency contacts are updated regularly so we can reach you in the event that we need to close the school.

Schools have a dial-in-service which can be used when there is a risk of closure due to adverse weather .  This allows parents and cares to listen to a recorded message from the Head Teacher.

How to use this service-

  • Dial Highland Council’s access number 0800 564 2272
  • Now enter the Hilton Primary School’s pin number-042210
  • You will now hear the school’s name.
  • You will now be taken to the MAIN MENU where you will be given 4 options

Press 1 to hear the school’s message about the adverse weather, for example, whether the school and nursery is to close.

Press 4 to enter the pin number for another school within Highland Council.  Parents may have children who attend different schools and this option allows you to move from one school’s messaging service to another without having to dial in again.

The Highland Council Website, Facebook and Twitter will include school closures.

Local radio stations issue news and weather bulletins on traffic conditions and school closures.