Momo Challenge

This ‘game’ has been brought to my attention today.  This is a very unpleasant ‘game’ which is clearly upsetting for any child who stumbles across it.

In effect, the game is not an online game. The online part is that the dares are delivered or made using social media, usually WhatsApp, so that the challenges can come from anywhere in the world as each ‘player’ is encouraged to add someone new to the challenge list and so it goes on, similar to the old ‘chain letter’ game that was played many years ago.

From a Highland point of view, we have added the term ‘Momo’ to the blacklist of phrases that are blocked on Chromebooks so children should not be able to access any info about Momo from their Chromebook device. However, as you will appreciate, it is pretty much impossible to shut these sorts of horrific challenges and games down completely and it is more about the education around what a child should do if they stumble upon this.

Over the next days, class teachers and myself will be speaking to classes about this and what to do if they come across this.

 This link might be of help:

Ms B

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