Care Inspectorate Report – Hilton ELC

In June, the Care Inspectorate carried out an unannounced inspection in Hilton Early Learning and Childcare.  As part of this inspection, questionnaires were sent out to 30 parents/carers.  13 completed responses were returned to the Care Inspectorate and these responses helped inform the inspection process.

Comments shared included the following –

‘Lovely, kind, well educated staff. they look after my son marvellously and he is always happy in his nursery.’

‘The care my child’s key worker has provided is beyond amazing and there are no words to describe how she has helped me feel reassured that my child is growing, learning and thriving.’

It was pointed out that there had been a failure to provide appropriate sized seating for older children in the Out of School Club.  To address this, appropriate size chairs are now being used and a new table is being ordered.

At the time of the inspection, four parents/carers were spoken to who all indicated they were very happy with the quality of the service.  They spoke very highly about the staff and told the Care Inspectorate that the staff were easy to talk with and that their children loved attending Hilton ELC.

The service was graded as follows –

Quality of care and support – 4- Good

Quality of environment – 4 – Good

What We Could Do Better

As a staff, we need to further develop the environment and the ongoing promotion of children’s understanding of Numeracy and Literacy.

The report includes a comment about children’s play being interrupted at times for tidy up time.  We have reviewed our routines and this no longer occurs.

Recommendations are being actioned.

The full report can be  downloaded –

Hilton ELC -InspectionReport-June 2018

If you have further queries, please contact us.

Ms B 🙂

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